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Continuing where we left off in part I of this blog entry series, we have a few more classic attributes of bad poker players that likely translate into poor leaders.

Poor or slow decision makers. When times get tough, people need to have a leader to look to for answers and helping make important decisions. On the job, you want a boss who can listen to everyone’s opinions and all the information in order to see the situation clearly and make a good decision. To be a good poker player, you need to do the same thing. If a poker player has trouble committing to a decision during a simple poker game, they may also struggle with deciding what will be best for their team or company at work.

Micro-managers. In poker, you need to have a keen eye for what is going on around the table. You need to be aware of your fellow players’ actions and behavior, while also trying to present yourself well and not give away your hand. Similarly, in work situations, leaders need to know what is happening around their office and who is doing what, all whilst appearing confident and capable. But in poker, you cannot literally hover over someone and see what they are up to. And neither should you in a professional setting. People need a certain level of autonomy in their jobs to feel self-efficacy. And poker players need a certain level of privacy to be respected to feel that no one is peeking at their hand.

Poor money managers. Most leaders have to deal with finances or manage money in some way. And if they cannot do so well than it can affect the health of their company, performance of their team, and the existence of their very own job. Thus, those who have trouble managing their own bankroll in poker may not be the best at designing budgets, and sticking to them.



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