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Sore loserHave you ever been at a poker table, either online or offline, and another player just rubs you the wrong way? Perhaps they are not necessarily ‘bad’ poker players in the sense that they do not know how to play the game well, but more in the sense that they do not understand some of the common courtesies we apply to each other at the poker table. Well, chances are that guy probably has a job, or might have at some point, and if he isn’t a great poker player he might not be a very good leader or employee either. Why? Because some of the below characteristics might be a part of his personality at and away from the table.

Sore loser. No one enjoys losing, especially if it involves money. We don’t expect our opponents to jump up and do a victory dance in celebration of our win and their loss. But it is important to be cordial and on some level be happy for the person who has one. If a player takes it very personally when someone else whens in poker, they likely carry that same energy to their job. So if a coworker has a better idea, pulls in more sales, or gets a promotion, you likely won’t expect to see that guy patting his colleague on the back.

Hot temper. Similar to sore losers, if someone can’t control their emotions at the poker table, who knows what happens when they disagree with a coworker? Telling off your mates during a game of poker is one thing, but screaming at a coworker is a completely different situation. If they can’t handle themselves in a game, how can they lead a team of people through tough times and unexpected obstacles?

Check out more of these connections between bad poker players and bad leaders in part II!




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