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Welcome to Pioneersprogramme.org.uk. My name is Enrique and I have been honing my poker craft for the last 20 years. Despite initially liking the bingo world and everything it has to offer, and although I do still play on the bingo apps from time to time, I truly fell in love with Poker. I first started playing the beautiful game with my father and grandfather way back when I was still just a young boy, we’d only play for small stakes, but I was constantly taught the lesson of only wager what you can afford, and they showed no remorse in taking my weeks pocket money. It did however teach me a lesson, and today, the tables have turned and I chuckle heartedly as they pass me their pay checks.   

But just because I have gotten better at poker and piles of chips stacked high are a regular sight for me, doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate my humble beginnings. If anything, becoming a successful poker player has taught me many life lessons, including how to be a great leader. This blog has been developed for me to discuss the different things you can learn from playing poker that can make you a better player and person. If you want to walk away from poker games with more than just money, have a look around!


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